Established in 1982, Cokinos Energy Corporation is a full service oil and gas marketing and trading company. Cokinos has served both on and off-shore energy producers and is a reliable supplier of oil and natural gas to both refiners and gas end-users.

Cokinos provides a complete menu of services including:

  • Oil and gas marketing and trading
  • Gas control and scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Transportation services
  • Production management
  • Facilities design and construction
  • Revenue disbursement
  • Severance tax payments

Business Development

Cokinos Energy is actively seeking opportunities to invest and grow our business. If you are looking for a well financed and knowledgeable partner to participate in a new energy venture please contact our President and CEO, Mr. Michael Cokinos

We provide a one stop shop where independent producers can access the same marketing, logistics and administrative capabilities as the majors, without building and maintaining a large staff.

Michael E. Cokinos,  President and CEO